What is programming? Why do we code?

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Really! Why do we need to code or why do we code? To answer this let’s understand

1. why do we use computers?
2. How do we control computers?
3. Computers! What are they?

ok let’s not make this too complex. In very simple word we do code to control machines or to let them work on something how do we need actually.

We use computers for our own need. To automate tasks, to faster our works or so right!

For example, a word count task where we need to find out number of unique words in a given paragraph. How do we perform this? Ok well, say we don’t have any computer or machines. We will take that paragraph and count each word one by one and increment the counter for a particular word if it is unique.

If the paragraph is too small or say medium we may perform the task with no issues. If the paragraph is too large, say thousands of words or even millions or billions of words! God! It’s not even possible to think to count unique words manually!

Here comes the usage of machines. They have huge capability to perform such work. I am not going to deep on discussing machine’s capability. Let’s say machines have huge capability in contrast of human being.

They can perform task much faster than human being. They can perform parallel computing, faster computing, multi-tasking which are not feasible for human being.

So what if we can control those machines and let them work how do we need? Here comes the program and we do need to write code to build a program.

What is a program? 

A program is a set of instructions to a machine to perform one by one.

Computer is nothing but a machine we can control by writing programs.

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